Tiny, yet enormous. Part 2

Hello, our beloved readers!:)

When we first started Ursicraft.com, I was still pregnant and everything was a little easier then it is now, with soon to be “toddler” 😍 If I wanted to write something or do something, I did it. But now, the only time I can do something by myself or without smiling and super cute giggling distraction from Zaja, is in the evening. And let me tell you something- even then I am soo tired, the two things I usually do are eat and watch TV. 🤣 But no more, we have posts to write!:) Soo, at last, here is part 2 of our home series!:)

Living room/ Bedroom/ Dinning room/ Kitchen

In the previous post we wrote about moving the plumbing and the kitchen. With only so little space we moved it to the bigger room, because we wanted the living room and the kitchen connected. That part was very successful, as you can see in the picture.

But then you might wonder, where do these people sleep? Good question. As we wanted for baby Zaja to have her own room, there was not much space left for us. But no biggie- my husband came up with the best idea ever, actually without this idea the whole concept of the apartment wouldn’t be possible.

Bedroom that becomes living room

Bed, that hides itself under the ceiling. What?!? Yes, that was my husbands idea. The only way we could have a bed and a sofa is this way. Of course one might think, well, there is a closet, that opens into a bed, but no. It would take to much walking space, so it was out of the question. So the bed is above the sofa? How high do we sleep you think?:) Well not that high, but we never liked a bed that is to down to the floor, it feels dreamier, I would say:)

So luckily we found a sofa, that is:

a) comfortable

b) pretty

c) not expensive

d) not to tall.

And you can rearrange it the way you like. And it has washable covers. And yes, its Ikea SÖDERHAMN!:) Super duper great couch!:) Recommended!:)

So the next step was to build the bed. Because it had to be done perfectly, the only diy was idea and the plan. Cutting and working with almost 50 years old larch was trusted to one and only carpenter, Tomaž Škof. Once the bed was built (hubby also helped with installing), hubby started with molding of counterweights. After all that work, sadly, he realized, that the only way the bed would lift was with a winch.

So this is our “bedroom” and during the day, when we don’t need the bed, it becomes a living room or dining room:D So bedroom, living room, kitchen... wait and a dining room? How is it possible? Well with removable bed leg and really cool table from Ikea. But see it for yourself in the last pictures. Our four rooms in one. Make some popcorn and enjoy!:D

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