Tiny, yet enormous. Part 1

Soo, long overdue, here is my first post about our apartment. We have been living here for the past 3 years and a half, almost a year with our baby daughter. Because the old positioning of the apartment didn't really work for us, especially because of baby Zaja on the way, we decided to renovate it. The first thing that we changed was positioning of the kitchen. In such small apartment there is not much wiggle room and we really wished for baby Zaja to have her own room and also we wanted some "us" space, when she would go to sleep at night. So that would mean that the plumbing has to be moved. How, one might ask? Well luckily, we have Tomaž's father, who is constructing engineer, and some really nice plumbers, who helped us with the problem and installing every pipe needed.

This is us in our old kitchen. We were alredy cleaning out all the dishes and stuff that you can find in the kitchen. We didn't throw anything away, including the kitchen itself. It is currently waiting to be reinstalled in another, even smaller apartment, studio, to be exact. So an exccelent tip on how you don't need everything new, you can make anything old new again, with little money and some fresh ideas:)

This was our construction site. Can you imagine a construction site on 32 square meters? Well don't, cause it's awful;D Boys(hubby, his brother and father) did all the demolishing and plastering, so we saved quite a buck there. So, handy boys are the best!:) After the plastering came all the finishing work, such as painting the walls and laying the vinyl floor (we didn't want to use hardwood floor, because we have doggos...and you can imagine what their claws do to hardwood floor?:D)

This is our old living room, and also the space we moved our new kitchen too. The plumbing is installed in the wall with couch in front of it and the oven is where you can see the piano. We designed our kitchen in L-shape, as it turned out to be the most useful in such space. With few improvements waiting(backdrop of the kitchen is happening right now, finally!:)), this is our new kitchen.

One might wonder, what did we do with the other room (you know, the one where our old kitchen was;))? Well, stay tuned!:)

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