Our first order

Hello everybody:) Long time, no see. Yes, we’ve been busy with life and also work. Zaja started with her preschool, momma got back to work... a lot of stuff. So after a while here we are again! With out first order, nevertheless. My friend, whose son is a half hour younger than Zaja:), asked us for help designing a very small children’s room. She already has a girl and a boy but also another baby on the way. So she needed the room to be utilized to the maximum, but there still should be some room left for walking in it. Also she wished for some childish warmth, she wanted the room to still be playful. When she first saw Zaja’s bed, she was thrilled. So our design was inspired by Zaja’s bed, but a little bigger, like, one kid times three, bigger:D Ofcourse a lot of gratitude goes toward our carpenter Tomaž Škof, who is exceptional at what he does.

So here are the before and after photos.:)

There is sadly only one before photo, because others somehow got lost on camera memory card. Please try to ignore me, myself and I in giving some, I could only imagine, veeeery wise advice ;D

And here is the after, a fairytale land for Jana's kids :)

Thanks for reading!!:)

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