Honey, where can I put these books?

Updated: May 20, 2019

Me and my wife live in a small apartment. The apartment has only 32m2 of space. So we need to carefully optimise and use the space we have. We think a lot about where to put all of our stuff. In this case, we had some cooking books, novels and sheet music, that needed to be put away.

The first idea was to make three shelfes, that are the same size. It somehow didn’t fit with the design idea in our heads. I realy wanted to make something a bit different. So I went to the local hardware shop, where I get a lot of stuff for my DIYs, and ordered three 18mm thick particleboards, all different sizes. My idea was not one shelf would be the same size. Also, the last time we were in IKEA, we bought these really pretty(and cheap) bookshelf holders, just because we knew, we would somehow use them, and for sure, we did:) The natural wood look really goes well with the white particleboards and the pattern on the wall.

Now let’s go to the construction!

The whole construction process was easy. First I placed the holders 5 cm from the side of the boards and made pilot holes for the screws. These holes guide the screws into the boards. Then, I screwed all the holders to the boards.

Then I placed the boards flush to the wall. Using a water level I checked, that the shelfs are horizontal. Because both of my hands were holding the shelf, I had to ask my wife to make spots for the holes in the wall. Because she is super pregnant;) and was sitting on the couch, she wasn’t very happy that she had to help me. She marked the points and went back to the couch. Later I brought her some cookies and she forgot about the whole thing:) I took the drill and started drilling into the wall. Four holes for each shelf. After drilling all the holes, I inserted wall ankers, and I was almost done.The only thing left for me to do was to screw all the shelfs to the wall and that was that.

Just a bit of a warning- before you start drilling, make sure that there isn't any electrical instalation or plumming in the wall. If you hit it, you will have a really bad day.

In the end the shelfs turned out perfectly. At some point we decided on what to put on the shelfs, meaning, my wife had the last word, so now here are her books, aloe vera and a frame with ingredients for happy life(-happy wife). :D We are very pleased with the final result!:)

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