Quarantine fun

Welcome back to our site, people!:) Quarantine does wonders, don’t you agree?:) We finally finished the backdrop to our kitchen. Thank my hubby for his “hard” work and me for the crafty idea.

The reason we waited so long to do this was, we couldn’t decide what would go best with such small space, also the coloring, function... Our first idea were of course tiles, but we somehow couldn‘t come around of actually pursuing it. So the kitchen was being used and nothing else was happening in it. Except cooking. And baking. And washing the dishes. Oooh so many dishes. :D Anyway, the next idea that popped in to our head was to make the backdrop from concrete. Really nice, modern and kinda useful. But as it turns out, expensive. And because we are also on the project of “Zaja’s room”, we wanted to save a buck or two.

I always loooved writing and drawing with chalk, especially on those boards that mom gets you as a kid. Milion ways to be creative. So me and my hubby talked one night, over pizza and beer, how fun it would be to write recipes on the wall. And hey, nowadays you can do that. There is this magnetic and chalk color for home, and after you color it, you can put magnets on and also...drumroll...draw with chalk!:) Yay!:) And the bonuses it brings, makes it even more fun. It is super inexpensive, you can buy it in any hardware store (we bought it in Merkur) and guess what? They deliver it right to your doorstep, considering the circumstances (quarantine and such). Don’t forget to buy emulsion, this goes on the wall first, so the color will stick to the wall nicely. The only downside to this project is it takes a little longer, because of all the layers.

The first layer is the emulsion, as we said. The second layer (but first layer of coloring) is magnetic color. To make it completely dry, wait approximately 4-6 hours. Than comes the second layer of magnetic color. Repeat the same thing. And again the third time. Than come two layers of chalk color. Between two layers of chalk color try to wait 4-6 hours as well. After you are going crazy after coloring so many layers, well, you’re done. :) The only thing you need now

is a chalk and a crafty mind. Have fun!:)

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